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Managing Director Alpin Experts

At the young age of 16 Beppo was discovered by Karl Kotter, the ski guru of the Kitzbuehl region, and quickly became recognized as a top instructor for children in the famous Kollerland area. He tackled the roughest of terrain with his charge of speedy, skilled young skiers. This experience became the invaluable basis for his now huge know-how of off-piste ski opportunities. Moving up in rank past the kiddie level he founded the Alpine Experts together with the unforgettable ‟Resl” (Peter Ressmann) in 1997. Numerous regular guests value Beppo’s “keen instinct for the best snow.” At the point when most avid skiers believe there is nothing more to be had, he continues to deliver magic moments in the powder. In the summertime, when he’s not pursuing his mountain biking passion (tour guide), he can be found Fridays and Saturdays at the outdoor market on the town square in Kitzbuehl. His Tiroler Bauernstandl with its very tasty local fare provides extra income during those snowless months of summer. Highly recommended!

Beppo‘s motto:‟The slopes and other places I love so much on our mountains happen to be just good enough to show my guests on skis, always in combination with a nice-sized chunk of adventure…”

  • Managing Director Alpin Experts
  • State certified ski instructor and ski guide
  • Certified mountainbike guide
  • Master carpenter
  • "Tiroler Bauernstandl"
+43 664 1255171

Markus was only 3 when he stood on short boards in the snow the first time. These grew in length as he became older and at the age of 15 he worked as an assistant ski trainer. Within 7 years he had completed the entire training program to become fully certified.

He gained further experience as a ski instructor in Zürs, as well as in Australia and Sun Valley/USA in the summer. In the end, though, he opted to return to his neck of the woods and now enjoys life in his boyhood region of Kitzbuehl.

In addition to his work as a ski trainer he succeeded in making a name for himself in the synchro ski sport, together with Joe. In the past few years they achieved top rankings in the Powder European Championship and the Synchro Ski World Cup. The absolute highlight was the 2009 World Cup victory in Bissingen /BRD. The mountains are his life, and he wants to pass on a fresh awareness of their unique allure and power to each of his pupils and ski partners. That’s why he is also outdoors in the summer. You can book him for rafting and canyon adventures.

  • State certified ski instructor and ski guide
  • Rafting and canyoning guide


+43 699 18133181

So, how did I end up in this line of work? – My love of movement, of nature and of cold winters…

I also like working with people and enjoy the quiet moments and relaxing stillness that are so scarce nowadays – but very plenteous atop the mountain peaks.

I’ve been a ski & snowboard trainer since 1987. In 1991 when I first led a group of skiers to the top of a mountain, I suddenly realized the indescribable feeling of sharing such moments with friends and guests. This happens not only in the snow of winter but also in summer’s heat when I guide people on mountain hikes or support them in high-ropes courses. I’ve conquered many mountain peaks in South America, North America, Asia and Europe. Mountains are my life, and I hope to experience the thrill of seeing many excited faces reaching the peaks of our own beautiful region.

  • Fully qualified ski & snowboard instructor
  • State certified ski guide
  • Certified mountain hiking guide


+43 664 6200690

Why does someone decide to spend their life in the mountains, and even in the air? The answer: “Because it’s fun!” Whether as a ski instructor, ski guide, coach or a tandem paragliding pilot, I am lucky enough to spend every day in this breathtaking setting. The mountains and snow simply won’t let go of me.
Growing up in Kössen right by the Unterberg, by career on 2 skis began at the tender age of 2. After many years in racing and as a ski-crosser, there was no more holding back my passion for the sport. When I was 16, even while I was still in school, I began as a ski instructor in Kössen. After I finished my teaching studies, I came via Thredbo/Australia to Kitzbühel. 
Other than skiing, paragliding is my second great passion in life. As a tandem pilot, here, too, I can share my joy and passion with my guests. 
Summer or winter, a life outside in nature is simply the greatest thing there is!

  • Nationally-certified ski instructor and ski guide
  • Austrian Ski Association – D-licensed trainer
  • State-certified snowboard instructor
  • Tandem paragliding pilot

+43 660 4542800

Leander „Leo“ Dagn

By his second birthday, Leander was already skiing all the way down to the valley from the top of his home mountain in Kössen, where his grandfather had built the very first lift. That said, it was clear that skiing would play a major role in his life. At 16, he was giving his first ski lessons in various ski areas, excited to share his passion with others. Later, parallel to his tourism studies, he completed all training levels leading to his state certification as a ski instructor and ski guide.
In summer, Leander loves nothing more than to be out on the water – as a rafting guide – or – in the air – as a paraglider flight instructor & tandem pilot. Giving his students and flight guests a marvelous opportunity to enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the region’s breathtaking nature.
With his open, friendly & fun-loving manner, Leander looks forward to extraordinary moments and unforgettable experiences with you –> both on and ABOVE ALL off the pistes.

Certified ski instructor
Certified ski guide
Snowboard instructor
State-certified rafting guide
Paraglider flight instructor
Paraglider tandem pilot


+43 681 81 77 02 99

Whether after his ski-club training, as a child, or skiing with his buddies – as soon as I had a pair of skis under my feet, I was drawn to the backcountry, the forest and the deep snow! Nature was my “FUNPARK”, the changing snow conditions my technique training, and the mountains and gullies my adventure playground. 

Not much has changed in the meantime – but today I am also able to take guests with me on my powder-snow adventures, and have turned my passion into a career. I trained as a mountain- and ski guide, have been leading people out through the mountains, summer and winter, for the last 25 years, and always get a thrill out of seeing the same sparkle in the eyes of my guests when we are out in terrain.

+43 650 3502777

Markus, who was born and grew up in the Merano region of South Tyrol, followed the call of the Kitzbühel Alps in 2010. As a passionate fan of the mountains, he has turned his passion into a career. In summer, he is busy as a mountain-bike technique trainer and guide, while in the winter months he works as a ski instructor in Kitzbühel. 

His love for adventure and curiosity for a variety of cultures have taken him to Nepal and Bolivia. As much as he enjoys being able to experience a sense of total freedom, he is also excited to share his enthusiasm for the sport with his students. For Markus, it’s important to communicate the enjoyment of being active outdoors in nature, as well as providing people with a solid foundation when it comes to technique. 


  • Ski trainer
  • Certified mountain hiking guide
  • Mountainbike guide
  • Nordic walking instructor
  • EFR instructor

+43 650 3502777

‟All roads lead to Rome … and all ski pistes to Kitzbuehl!” “

At least that’s the experience of ‟Roberto” who comes from Northern Italy (South Tyrol) and was hit with this impression 18 years ago when he spent his first winter season as a ski trainer in Kitz. Ever since, he has made the Kitzbuehl Alps his winter headquarters. From here, as a passionate private ski trainer and guide he does more than teach his pupils to master the latest ski trick. He lets his deep love for interacting with nature and, in particular, the mountain world overflow to those around him.

His passion is not surprising as he understands that in exactly this setting the human being is given a wide scope to experience much and is driven to increase personal performance levels while at the same time rejuvenating the spirit and soul. Roberto is also active outdoors in the summer months. After many years as a diving instructor in Egypt and Southeast Asia, he has transferred his summer passion from the water to the mountains. When the snow is gone he now works as a mountain guide and MTB guide in the Merano region

  • Ski trainer
  • Certified mountain hiking guide
  • Mountainbike guide
  • Nordic walking instructor
  • Diving trainer
  • EFR instructor


+43 664 3647953