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General Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions for Alpine Experts Ski Schule OG,
hereinafter referred to as “Alpin-Experts”, headquartered at 6373 Jochberg, Sonnenfeldweg 1

  1. General Information

Insofar as not stipulated to the contrary, all business between Alpin-Experts and our customers is subject to our “General Terms & Conditions”. The commercial purpose of this company is the operation of a school for snow sports (ski school). In particular, this includes services such as provision of lessons intended to teach knowledge and skills relating to snow sports (though without providing any manner of guarantee with regards to the extent of the participant’s success), as well as provision of leadership and guiding services to accompany ski- and/or snowboard tours.


  1. Conclusion of Contracts pertaining to Offers and Prices

Reservations for private courses may be made by telephone or email. Such reservations are only guaranteed, however, upon receipt of a written confirmation from Alpin-Experts. Offers from Alpin-Experts are non-binding and subject to change.

Our written confirmation is exclusively determinant with respect to the acceptance of the reservations as well as the scope of services to be provided. Side agreements, whether verbal and/or by telephone, are only valid upon issuance of an expressed written confirmation by Alpin-Experts.

All of our listed prices are in euro and, unless otherwise noted, include all legally mandated taxes and duties. Price lists are subject to change. No liability is accepted for typographical errors or other inadvertent inaccuracies.


  1. Payment Conditions

Unless otherwise stipulated in writing, bookings which have been made via the Internet, email or other remote means of communication, and which pertain to a time period of more than one day, require the prompt payment of a deposit in the amount of EUR 300.00 subsequent to receipt of the written contract confirmation. This payment must have been deposited to the bank account of Alpin-Experts at least three banking days prior to the commencement of instruction. The final invoice for provision of private snow-sports instruction shall be settled upon the conclusion of services.

For contracts entered into at the place of execution, payment for the service to be provided shall be made directly to the snow-sports instructor or at the office of the ski school. In the event of late payment on the part of the ordering party, we are entitled to charge interest in the amount of 6% per annum, though this in no way precludes demands for higher interest rates.

3a. Cancellation Conditions

  • For single-day bookings, cancellations received no later than 4 days prior to the date which has been booked – no cancellation charge! If the cancellation is received later than this, the charge will amount to 100% of the price for the first person.
  • For multiple-day bookings, cancellations received no fewer than 14 days prior to the first date of the booking period – no cancellation charge! Cancellations received up to 7 days prior to the first date of the booking period: 80% of the price for the first person. Cancellations received later than this: 100%.
  • With respect to bookings for off-piste experiences, the following shall apply: If, in the estimation of the guide, skiing in open terrain is not possible, in the event of a one-day booking the participant must accept an alternative form of piste training. In the event of multiple-day bookings, at least two days of ski-technique training will be accepted or the applicable cancellation fees must be paid. In this case, prices for on-piste skiing lessons will apply.

In the following cancellation situations, no fees will apply:

  • In the event of injury or illness, upon presentation of a physician’s attestation
  • In the event of rain at elevations up to 1500 m
  • In the event of operational failure of over 80% of lifts


  1. Emergency Equipment

If there exists a contractual agreement to ski in open terrain, all parties to that agreement must bring with them an avalanche transceiver, a probe and a shovel. In exceptional circumstances, the guide in question may reduce the required number of shovels and probes. However, a fully functional avalanche transceiver (457 Hz) is required for all off-piste skiing.


  1. Liability Policy

Fundamentally, and in accordance with legal provisions, Alpin-Experts is liable exclusively for damages which are directly associated with the activities of Alpin-Experts and which are the result of premeditation or gross negligence. Appropriate liability coverage exists. We wish to expressly point out that each of our authorized off-piste guides is an independent contractor utilizing the services of our platform, teaching and guiding guests both on- and off-piste on their own authority and without supervision. Under applicable circumstances, any liability is borne solely by the guide in question and, in the event of actual damages, may not be transferred to the business “Alpin-Experts”. Every contractual partner is recommended to carry an appropriate insurance policy to provide coverage in the event of accident and any potential mountain-rescue costs.


  1. Insurance

Insurance is the personal responsibility of the participant. We highly recommend purchasing insurance to cover potential accident or return transportation costs.


  1. Warranty

The contractual partner must notify us promptly of any and all complaints, either on-site at the office or by telephone, in order that we might remedy the situation. If the subject of the contractual agreement is met by an independent guide, complaints shall be addressed to the guide in question. If there is a culpable failure to provide appropriate notification of a complaint, no claim shall exist for reduction of the fee in question. Claims directed towards Alpin-Experts must be asserted in detail and in writing by no later than 4 weeks after the incident in question.


  1. Place of Performance

A-6373 Jochberg, Sonnenfeldweg 1


  1. Seat of Jurisdiction

Regardless of the nationality of the contractual partner or the location where the damage occurred, all disputes are subject exclusively to Austrian law. The seat of jurisdiction is Kitzbühel.


  1. Legal Force

Should individual provisions of these General Terms & Conditions be declared null and void, this in no way affects the applicability of the remaining provisions or that of the legal agreement as a whole. The nullified provision shall be substituted by one which most closely approximates to the business purpose of said provision.


  1. Banking Information

Alpin-Experts Skischule OG, School Director Josef Hechenberger,

Bank Name: Raiffeisenbank Kitzbühel

Account No. 527457; Branch No. 36263
IBAN: AT13 3626 3000 0052 7457